Welcome to the Dole® Exotic! Veggies page. In Dole we’re wholly dedicated to delivering the tastiest, most nutritious fresh veggies to you each and every day. But we’re also 100% committed to importing and packing our produce in the most sustainable way possible. Find out how, below.

A Sustainability Story

It’s always nice to experience a taste of the exotic. In Dole®, though, we know that HOW exactly you bring the exotic home is REALLY important. We believe in being INNOVATIVE, RESPONSIBLE and PASSIONATE in all that we do. That’s why we have taken such care to bring these exotic veggies to you.

We know you care about climate change. So do we.
That’s why we SHIP these veggies from the farms instead of FLYING them here - substantially reducing their carbon footprint.

Our growers prepare the soil, nurture the seedlings under the sunlight and wait for nature to work its magic before harvesting, packing, cooling and shipping our produce in containers to Europe - ready to take pride of place on the retail shelf.

We know too that you don’t like waste and long life plastic. Neither do we.
That’s why we have developed our Bio Bags - handy resealable packs with compostable plastic widows so you see the quality and compostable / recyclable paper to keep the produce fresh.

And you know in Dole, we NEVER, EVER compromise on quality. So you can be sure that the produce inside is as tasty and tempting as the very best produce can be.

So what is the result? Well, that’s your choice. Delicious, nutritious snack or convenient side to any dish - it’s up to you!