Look at us, we’re growing! Dole Exotics is now Dole Europe B.V.

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About us

We are the European Specialist in avocados and mangoes

We deliver our fruit to retailers, food services and wholesalers throughout Europe – all year round.

Direct sourcing from our own growers

In-house ripening for maximum control

The only mango and avocado specialist in Europe

What makes us unique?

Our mission

We believe in fair trade. We are also committed to more sustainable production and processing. That is why we are leading the way in the entire supply chain, because profit must go hand in hand with sustainable trade. We want to inspire other companies in the fruit sector.


Long story short

An endless stream of carefully cultivated mangoes and avocados. Made possible by hundreds of growers and pickers in twenty countries. Ninety professionals in the Netherlands who are responsible for sorting, maturing, and distribution.

That’s Dole Europe.

We are the only European importer specializing in mangoes and avocados. How did we get here? Let’s take a trip back to 2010, the year in which our company was founded.


We notice an increase in European demand for exotic fruit. Dole Europe is founded, as part of the listed Total Produce Group. We supply dozens of types of fruit.



We want to excel – and decide to specialize. Mangoes and avocados are similar in terms of country of origin, handling, and ripening. The perfect pairing. The decision turns out to be a great move.



We are growing fast. We invest in innovative packaging and promotional campaigns. We start to get noticed on the market, and more and more retailers and food centres are choosing us as their preferred supplier.



To a new warehouse with its own ripening room. A dream come true. From blossom to delivery to our customers: We now have maximum control over the process, so that we can maintain continuity and quality.


Partners in innovation

Together with growers and retailers we continue to innovate. We introduce more sustainable production methods. We develop new and sustainable forms of packaging. And devise creative promotional campaigns to keep attracting more customers.



Dole Europe’s parent company Total Produce merges with Dole Food Company to form Dole plc.



In June 2022, Total Exotics rebrands to Dole Exotics and launches BE EXOTIC brand.



Enjoy our avocados and mangoes carefree

We are proud of our quality labels and certificates. Our growers comply with strict environmental, labour, and production requirements. As a result, they comply with EU regulations, sustainability requirements, and additional BRC Food and IFS Food requirements. This gives us peace of mind that people, planet and profit are in balance.

Our customers

Retailers, food services and wholesalers

Many of our customers have been customers since day one. We advise on handling, shelf life, pricing, and the delivery cycle. We come up with smart promotional campaigns that really stand out. Not only targeted at consumers – which is boosting the sale of mangoes and avocados – but also at other retailers. This is what keeps us growing.

More than 2000 supermarket locations in more than 20 European countries.


Sustainable relationships all over the world

We mainly source in developing countries. We buy at a fair price, preferably directly from growers or cooperatives. That way, the growers don’t lose out to intermediaries. We also help growers to expand their knowledge, increase their yield, and boost their income. This is how we help the entire community to achieve economic independence.

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