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Be adventurous. Be Daring. Be different. BE Exotic!

Nowadays there’s a lot of “Meh!” Oodles of “Same Old, Same Old”. Tonnes of “Just Ok”. That’s not you, though. You reach for the stars. You aspire to do more. Now, Dole Europe invites you to try something new- to embrace your inner adventurous self with our BE Exotics range- your gateway to a veritable feast of culinary delights and new experiences. Exceptional loose and twinpack Dole BE Exotic Avocados and Mangoes will be available in quality retailers across Europe from September 2022 with our sustainable cardboard twinpacks launching later in the year.


Ready-to-eat avocado

Perfect ripening (ready to eat or triggered) and perfect taste – all year round. We can offer this guarantee because we only work with growers from countries where consistent quality is ensured. 99% of our avocados are Hass avocados. If you would rather have Fuerte or Pinkterton avocados, we can make it happen.


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Ready-to-eat mangoes

We mainly source the Kent variety – the star of the mangoes. Fibreless, beautiful ripening, consistent taste experience. It is also the least susceptible to diseases, which means that we can guarantee year-round delivery of all stages of ripening. We also supply Keitt, Palmer, Osteen, and Shelly mangoes.


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Pre-packed Mangoes and Avocados

Do you want packaging featuring our own brand ‘Fruit for the Senses’ or your own label? In a net or flow pack? With or without a sticker? Various stages of ripeness in a single punnet? Almost anything is possible. If what you want is not yet available, then we’ll develop it. Together with our customers. From new packaging to stickers and package compositions.


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Do you want firm mangoes or avocados in small batches, or do you need a quick delivery to meet unexpected demand? No problem. We always buy in more fruit so that we can meet unforeseen demand. Deliveries are possible starting at 30 boxes.


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Year-round delivery

Trusted quality, composition and taste of our mangoes and avocados

We have carefully selected our growers so that we can harvest for our customers all year round. Because when the harvest season comes to an end in one country, it’s just about to get started in another. This allows us to guarantee full shelves all year round, with the quality, composition, and taste you have come to expect.

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