Look at us, we’re growing! Total Exotics is now Dole Exotics.

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If you are curious about the taste, quality, and appearance of our mangoes and avocados, then request a sample.

If you want to stay informed of our innovations and promotional campaigns that help our customers sell more mangoes and more avocados, then get in touch to explore the possibilities for a fruitful collaboration. We would be happy to visit you – with our mangoes and avocados, of course – for an introductory meeting and an inspiration session.


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  • The only European specialist in mangoes and avocados
  • Year-round delivery
  • Guaranteed Class I quality
  • Partners in innovation


Dole Exotics BV

Spectrumlaan 29
2665 NM Bleiswijk
The Netherlands

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+31 (0)180 644 040
[email protected]
[email protected]

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